Essential Items You Should Always Have in Your Vehicle

With a busy work and family life, we spend a lot of our time in our vehicles these days. You could call your vehicle your second home, and just as you need many things in your home to live appropriately, you require many items in your vehicle, as well.

In 2021, these essential items range from outright must-haves like a spare tire and first-aid kit to valuable things like a blanket for the event you must spend a cold night in your car or emergency food and water for tough and uncertain times.

We will break down these essential items into different categories according to their use for different scenarios. For instance, we require separate things for repair and maintenance, safety and survival, winter and snow emergencies, as well as for convenience and comfort.

Here’s a brief guide to make it easier for you to pick the items you may require most in your vehicle.

Car Emergency Kit

Did you ever happen to get a flat tire on the road and realize the spare one in the trunk is flat as well? Well, many of us could relate to this and other scenarios that can arise anytime on the road.

  • Spare tire (in excellent shape) together with a tire jack and tire iron is necessary for any trip because you never know when a tire may burst or deflate. Furthermore, you should have a special security key to remove wheels in case they need one.
  • Tire pump and sealant are ideal for situations when you do not have to replace the entire tire. You can use the adhesive to plug the leak and inject air through a tire pump to reach your destination.
  • The tire is not the only part of your car that can break down anytime. Sometimes, your engine or battery simply refuses to work. If the fault lies with the battery, jumper cables can be your savior to start the vehicle and continue your journey. However, you will have to find a willing helper.
  • You should have your vehicles owner’s manual in the glove compartment to find repair information on different parts.
  • tire pressure gauge is a must to have a trouble-free journey. A properly inflated tire can enhance handling, boost fuel efficiency, increase tire’s life, and even keep you safe on the road.
  • fire extinguisher would come in handy in case you face a fiery situation. Knowing how many combustible fluids are present in your car, the faster you can put it out, the better.
  • You might not have the time or ability to take your car to the side of the road. Flares or reflective triangles come in handy to inform others of your plight and ensure you do not get hurt. If you are fortunate, someone might help you out.

Safety and Survival

If you or someone with you is hurt on the road, you do not have the luxury to visit the doctor right away for medical assistance. Similarly, you need certain other items to survive in the wilderness. Here are few things to consider keeping in your vehicle all the time.

  • first aid kit that should include bandages, plasters, gauze dressing, antiseptic spray and cream, painkillers, scissors, disposable sterile gloves etc.
  • flashlight
  • Matches or lighter to start a fire
  • Water bottles and emergency food supplies, dense in calories for good energy
  • An ice scraper to eliminate frost, ice, and snow from your vehicle windows
  • blanket or jacket in case you need to keep yourself warm
  • Umbrella or raincoat to counter a sudden downpour

Please keep in mind that it is not an exhaustive list of things you should carry all the time. You can always add or subtract items as per your individual needs.