What’s our advantage?

Sending vehicles all over the world is how we guarantee your maximum resale value.

In 2020, there were more than 300 million automobiles sold around the world in more than 250 markets. The United States is just one of those markets and represents just 20% of total global automobile sales.

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A Recent Trade-In for a Toyota Camry XLE

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TradeVantage continuously monitors these global markets to identify where automobiles are worth the most at any given time. While these markets are constantly moving up and down, TradeVantage has a network of major buyers and sellers across the world. Every single day we categorize markets into three categories; normal, favorable, and unfavorable.

A market is considered normal when supply and demand are very close to equal. A market is considered favorable when demand exceeds supply, and contrarily considered unfavorable when supply exceeds demand. Combine currency fluctuations and TradeVantage’s team always knows where the favorable markets are and we will send your vehicle there once we buy it. This is how we guarantee you significantly more money than you would get trying to sell or trade your vehicle in your local market.

real results

The following results are for a Toyota Camry XLE we recently purchased.