COVID-19 has led us all to change our daily routines and therefore many of us haven’t been using our cars as much. Letting your vehicle sit for an extended period of time can lead to avoidable maintenance issues. Here are some key steps to ensure your vehicle’s health:

Charge your Car Battery

If you haven’t been driving as much during quarantine, your battery is at risk. Drive for several miles at least once per week in order to charge your battery.

Wash your Car

Not only inside, your car also needs care from outside. To protect paint of your car, you should apply wax or if possible, paint sealant to protect your car paint. In addition, wash your car once in a week to wipe away all the dust, sand and bird droppings.

Use a Car Cover

If your car is going to stay idle for a long time, it is highly recommended to use a car cover to protect its exterior. Also choose a safe and shady parking spot. Pick a car cover made up of durable materials, like polypropylene and polyester so your car’s surface stays clean and protected from sunlight.

Refill Car’s Fuel

Before leaving your car to idle for long term, it is wise to refill the fuel tank. This will not only prevent condensation from accumulating inside the tank but also stops gasoline fumes from rising up to dangerous levels. As you will need to take short driving trips in a week to recharge your car’s battery, fuel will be utilized and, in a case, fuel stations are closed, this will help.

Consider Using a Trickle Charger

In worst situation, when there is a complete lockdown and you can’t take your car out for recharging its battery, using a charger will be helpful. Trickle chargers are really helpful if you have an older car, a weaker or older battery, they work by releasing a small amount of current to match a battery’s natural self-discharge rate and thus keep it topped up at its fully charged level.

To Sum Up

To keep your vehicle in good running condition while in coronavirus lockdown, you should follow your regular maintenance schedule. You must start your car at least once or twice a week, check oil and transmission fluid levels and keep your car clean. And if you don’t have a garage, keep your car covered to protect it from the outdoor elements.